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‘Books,’ Morgenes said grandly, leaning back on his precarious stool, ‘books are magic. That is the simple answer. And books are traps as well.’

‘Magic? Traps?’

‘Books are a form of magic’ – the doctor lifted the volume he had just laid on the stack, – ‘because they span time and distance more surely than any spell or charm. What did so-and-so think about such-and-such two hundred years ago? Can you fly back through the ages and ask him? No – or at least, probably not. But, ah! If he wrote down his thoughts, if somewhere there exists a scroll, or a book of his logical discourses… he speaks to you! Across centuries! And if you wish to visit far Nascadu, or lost Khandia, you have also but to open a book…’

Doctor Morgenes to Simon, in Tad Williams, The Dragonbone Chair

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Crablord, Omnibus

I “All in favour?” Seven of the crabs snapped their claws. “All opposed?” Two, who had not snapped, scuttled away, retreating across the sand back to the sea. “The motion carries. The turtles will be given occupancy rights to two thirds of the eastern beach for the mating season, with boundaries to be clearly demarcated,…

Crablord, Part V

The days passed with Wilfred learning enough about life on the island so that he might pass a citizenship test. He grew increasingly frustrated, however, with the complexity of the laws. With each passing day, he came to understand how the Lord Protector had come to be like he was. There was nothing to do…

Crablord, Part IV

“What are you doing?” Crablord shouted, running towards the stack of sticks that Wilfred had put together. “I was just going to make a fire,” Wilfred replied. “Here? Are you mad? This completely goes against the fire codes — you can’t create a fire in the grassy area, so close to the trees and buildings.…

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